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Birds, Travel, Peru | A Blog by Pepe Rojas

The Amazing Wandering Albatross

Wandering Albatross (Diomedea exulans). Photo Uli Erfurth. We are on our way to Antarctica, a day ago we left Ushuaia and the calm waters of the Beagle Channel. Cape Horn and its furious water are away from us and we are sailing in the waters of the Drake Passage. The...

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The Man and the Hummingbird

Marvelous Spatuletail (Photo by ECOAN, Tino Aucca) The National Hummingbird Day was celebrated this past Saturday and I could not think of another way to celebrate it than by sharing a story between a friend who has a special connection with an endemic species of...

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Emperor Penguins!!!

During the first trip of the 2019-2020 Antarctic season with the Scenic-Eclipse, one of the questions that many of the participants asked me insistently was: “are we going to see Emperor Penguins?” Knowing that it was almost impossible, my answer in a very educated...

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New Colonies of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica

Emperor Penguins at Weddell sea (Pepe Rojas) In these days of uncertainty and pandemic in the world, when we do not know what is coming next, it is comforting to receive good news. I just read an article published on August 4 in the British newspaper The Guardian in...

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I am Back!

Hi all! It has been a long time since the last post I published and since then many things have changed in the world, literally! ... It is really hard to believe, but it is our new reality, our lives changed drastically. The Coronavirus crisis caught me in February...

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I have been guiding groups of birdwatchers for 20 plus years and recently, I have noticed a very interesting shift in the preferences of many birdwatchers. It was typical to find groups of birders traveling with international companies from the USA or UK in South and...

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Patrimonio del Peru

It has been several days since the last time I posted something...more than I wanted, but such is life sometimes, however here I go again with another article that I would like to share (and spread) with everyone. While it is true that it is not strictly about birds,...

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The intact forest of Puyu Sacha, our turf for the Global Big Day 2019 The Global Big Day (GBD) has become a strong event all over the world and it is admirable to see how each year the participation of more people increases. The first years of the event, Peru obtained...

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Watching Birds in Máncora

What are some of the things that come to mind about Máncora? Probably beach, sun, surfing, party time, relaxation, and great seafood food -- all true! But perhaps to your surprise, Máncora is also an excellent birding destination. For those unfamiliar, Máncora is...

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About me

Hello! I’m Pepe Rojas, a Peruvian birding guide and ornithologist with over 25 years experience leading tours throughout Peru and the Americas, the polar regions, and countries around the world.


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