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Custom tours combine the quality and reliability of traditional group tours with the freedom to design an itinerary around your specific birding and travel goals. This is the ideal way to go birding in Peru if:

  • You have a specific checklist of targets that cannot be fulfilled by a standard itinerary.
  • You are a group of friends looking to hire your own tour leader and book a private tour.
  • You want pricing options: hire a professional tour leader OR connect with top local guides in each destination.
  • You like to travel at your own pace and don’t enjoy having to “keep up” with the group.
  • You prefer to travel independently but still want someone else to book and troubleshoot the trip for you.

# Birds currently recorded in Peru

*Per BirdLife International, 2017



Often described by birders as one of “The birdiest roads in the world”, Peru’s famed Manu Road spans many diverse ecosystems of the Manu Biosphere Reserve. From Andean grasslands to cloud forests to the foothills of the Amazon basin, ongoing research estimates that over 1,000 bird species can be found within a gradient of 3400m to 400m elevation. This makes Manu an obvious destination choice for birders around the world.

The Manu Road is accessed through Cusco and has lodges scattered along it – all at different elevations that allow access to specific bird habitats. Birding highlights include: Marcapata Spinetail, Red-and-White Antpitta, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Black-streaked Puffbird, Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan, Band-tailed Fruiteater, Chestnut-crested Cotinga, Cerulean-capped Manakin and Cinammon-faced Tyrannulet among others.


Often overlooked by birders traveling to neighboring Manu, Tambopata is a gem not just for its staggering biodiversity but also for its accessibility. The reserve is entered through the gateway city of Puerto Maldonado, which welcomes flights from Lima daily. And even though we go for the birds, it’s hard to ignore the wildlife around every corner, including 8 species of monkeys, jaguars, tapirs, giant river otters and more.

One of the most spectacular birding features of this region is the diversity of species that visit the clay licks. This includes 14 species of psittacids, of which Blue-headed Macaws are a highlight due to their rarity. Another draw are the bamboo birds which can be seen at a handful of spots. Birding Highlights include: White-throated Jacamar, Scarlet-hooded Barbet, Pale-winged Trumpeter, Razor-billed Currasow, Amazonian Antpitta, Orinoco Goose, and Harpy Eagle, among others.



The Marañon River valley located in Northern Peru is home to an astounding number of endemic and restricted range species. The river itself flows from the Cordillera Huayhuash through a deep canyon before turning into the Amazon River. One interesting feature about the Marañon is the influence of the Northern Andes, which brings many species to their southernmost extension here in Northern Peru. Most birding tours follow a route that travels from the dry forests of Chiclayo, to Abra Patricia and other hotspots, with a final destination of either Tarapoto or Cajamarca.

Birding highlights include: White-winged Guan, Peruvian Plantcutter, Marvelous Spatuletail, Long-whiskered Owlet, Pale-billed and Ochre-fronted Antpitta, among others.



Iquitos, located in Northeastern Peru, has long been a popular destination with birders. Its varied habitats, such as the white-sand forests and river islands, accessibility by airplane, and a range of tour experiences including traditional lodges, canopy walkways and river boats make it an attractive option for hardcore and casual birders. Iquitos’ unique biogeography is due to the fact that it straddles both the northern and the southern banks of the Amazon, presenting opportunities to find many restricted-range species.

Birding highlights include: Nocturnal and Wattled Currasows, Olive-spotted Hummingbird, Zimmer’s Woodcreeper, Allpahuayo Antbird, Mishana Tyranulet, iquitos Gnatcatcher, Brownish Elaenia, Pearly-breasted Conebill, and over 50 species of antbirds.



*The itineraries below are actual examples of custom birding tours we have designed for clients. We share them to help guide and inspire you as you begin thinking about your trip. All tours are customizable to match your specific birding goals, travel style and trip dates. And remember, we can design a custom itinerary around your checklist to any birding hotspot with the option to hire a tour leader or local guides – this is the ultimate way to maximize your birding trip to Peru!

Iquitos: White Sand Specialists & South Bank (11 Days)

Iquitos offers a number of great itinerary and accommodations options for birders – from river boat cruises and 4-star lodges, to dugout canoe rides and bare-bones research stations in the middle of the forest. This itinerary was developed for one of our hardcore birding clients with a specific list and a willingness to trade a few travel comforts for the opportunity to be on location and to maximize time in the field.


More custom itineraries coming soon!


The first step is to submit a tour request so we can start designing your customized birding tour.



We are a Peruvian-owned, family-run company built on 25 years birding travel experience in Peru. Our custom and small-group tours are enhanced by our insider knowledge and a stellar on-the-ground network of local operators and guides throughout the country. All of our custom tour itineraries are written by Pepe Rojas, a longtime birding guide and ornithologist who is passionate about helping birders to have high-quality, successful experiences in Peru.



We’re on a mission to bring flexibility and customization to birding travel. From hardcore listers to casual birdwatchers, we want to make quality birding experiences in Peru accessible to everyone. So whether you’re looking for a day-tour to Pucusana or a 17-day trip to the northern Amazon, your itinerary will be designed to match your birding goals and travel style. We can even design a one-of-a-kind tour around your birding checklist!


We are dedicated to helping you plan the perfect birding tour in Peru. Our firsthand experience and extensive local knowledge ensure that your trip will be memorable. From receiving your initial tour request, throughout the collaborative planning process, and while you are on tour, we’re by your side to make sure everything goes smoothly. We provide 24/7 Emergency Travel Support as a standard service on all of our bookings.


We believe that birding travel has great potential in creating sustainable income-earning opportunities for local people and communities in Peru’s rural zones. In addition to partnering with smaller, locally-owned lodges, restaurants, and transport providers whenever possible, we are always scouting out new routes, emerging destinations, and skilled local guides that we can promote and employ through our business activities.

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